Franklin Haney Company

Franklin Haney, the founder of FLH Company, or the Franklin Haney Company is one of the nation’s leading real estate and property developers.

Franklin originates from McMinn County, Tennessee and attended the University of Tennessee.  After graduation, he moved to Washington D.C. to work as a legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Al Gore, and also attended the George Washington University School of Law.  The atmosphere of DC led Haney further into politics, and he decided to return home to Tennessee and serve as assistant general counsel to the Tennessee Public Service Commission.  He also made a bid for the 3rd Congressional District, and the Governor’s office in later years.

After founding FLH Company, Haney moved their headquarters to Washington DC in 94’, and started to purchase property in the up and coming Penn Quarter area.  Investing into the revitalization of parts of the city is Haney’s passion, continuing to contribute to the development of DC.  Current DC/NOVA projects include the Dulles Greenway, and the Portals II Building.  Other current projects include Dawson Ridge, the Birmingham Social Security Center, and Premium Brands.  Frank Haney Jr. is now the operating President of FLH Company.

Franklin Haney is married to the former Emeline Willingham and they have five grown children: Mary Alice, Mae Elizabeth, Margaret McGowan, and twins, Emeline Michelle and Franklin, Jr.